New Lions’ guard Kevin Zeitler is ‘an all business type of leader and worker’ says Ravens reporter


The Detroit Lions lost starting left guard Jonah Jackson to the Rams in the first week of free agency. It was something that was expected since about December. Jackson’s play had dropped and he continued to have injury issues. Still, his absence would create a big hole in the Lions offensive line that they would have to plug.

They did that on Monday when they signed Pro Bowler Kevin Zeitler to a one-year deal. This is about the best route they could have gone to fill that hole. Zeitler has been a solid player his entire career and he’s also been a guy that doesn’t miss a lot of time. 

Zeitler gives the Lions a chance to have solid play at right guard while Graham Glasgow moves over to the left side and he also gives the team a chance to build up a younger talent while he holds down the spot. 

We wanted to learn more about what Zeitler can bring to the table, so we reached out to our pal Kyle Barber from Baltimore Beatdown to get the scoop. Here’s what he had to say: 

What are your overall thoughts on Zeitler’s time in Baltimore?

“Kevin Zeitler is a good football player and a great person. He’s an all-business type of leader and worker. I mean, for goodness’ sake he was practicing pass blocking sets while in the labor room with his wife. Zeitler joined the Ravens in 2021 and immediately yielded great results. He established himself as one of the better offensive linemen for the Ravens and held down the right side of the line as their starting guard for all three seasons. He consistently was a healthy player, missing only four games in his three seasons as a Raven, with one I believe being Week 18 when the Ravens had the No. 1 seed locked up.

Moving on from Zeitler is due to money, I believe, over anything else. Maybe they were a bit uncertain as he’s getting older and the recent knee injuries aren’t a good sign for them, but I think more than anything they’re trying to get cheaper and younger on the offensive line and that couldn’t happen with Zeitler at right guard. The Ravens have a lot of young talent that they are developing and looking to step up.”

What are his strengths?

“In Zeitler’s three seasons as a Raven (47 games), he allowed five sacks and 52 total pressures in 3,158 pass-blocking snaps. He’s a consistent, durable, offensive linemen. He’s a quality player and has been a worthy Pro Bowler for years on end. Sadly, he never was getting the votes, though he was more than worthy. It happened so frequently that his wife, Sara Zeitler, tweeted about it in 2022 on how articles regarding Pro Bowl snubs always had him atop the list.

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