Jared Goff is one move away from completing his Disney movie like comeback


Somebody call Disney, because we have a story here that’s worth a movie. I’m talking about the Jared Goff story. You might thing that this is too small stakes for Disney, but I’ll point out to you that they made a movie about a special teams player that only played for the Eagles for a short period of time. 

I’m not talking about The Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon staring Tony Danza, I’m talking about Invincible starring Marky Mark. So I guess they made two movies about Eagles special teamers. 

The Goff story has a lot of what you look for in a Disney movie. Let’s really walk through it. Really think about this one. 

Jared Goff is a California kid who gets the chance to play for the hometown glitzy Los Angeles team with a super rich owner and head coach that didn’t want him there. McVay is totally the bad guy in this one. 

After an evil trip to Mexico, McVay and Matthew Stafford concoct a plan to supplant Goff from his role and ship him out of town. What always happens in these movies? Does the main character go to another good team? No. He always goes to the super bad team that has divots in the football field, a broken vending machine and a wacky head coach. The vending machine and field are fine in Detroit, but the wacky head coach thing is spot on.

It gets even more spot on. The main character almost always has a first meeting with his old team that doesn’t go well for him. That’s your 2021 matchup where the Rams beat the Lions. 

Then you get to the end of the movie where Goff learns that if you fall, there’s family there to pick you back up and they get revenge in the big game against the old team. 

At the end of the day, it’s not a movie. Even though the story has all the beats of a movie. What it really is, is a good story. A story of guy that was supposed to be thrown away. A story about how he was supposed to be a bridge quarterback and that was it. 

The story got an amazing chapter in 2023 and it just got an even more amazing one on Monday when the Lions and Goff agreed to a massive contract extension that nobody thought Goff would get three year ago. 

There’s still one more big chapter to write here. If this were a movie, it’s time for the sequel where the stakes are always bigger. Goff has to win the Super Bowl with the Lions. 

If he can do that, he’s on a gravy train with biscuit wheels for the rest of his career. All the dumb narratives about him go away and he’s crowned as a guy that has one of the best comeback stories in sports history. It seems silly now, but you just can’t overlook just how overlooked he truly was in 2021. This was not supposed to happen.

2024 presents Goff a chance to complete that climb and get over the mountain and to a Super Bowl championship. If we’ve learned anything from the Disney sports movies, it’s that there ain’t no mountain high enough. 

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