2024 Detroit Lions moon phase schedule, what will the moon phase be on Thanksgiving?


Ok you mooniacs. Yeah, that’s what I’m going with. It’s time to get back to the moon stuff with the Detroit Lions. What a whirlwind that was last year. If you don’t remember what it was, it all stems from this tweet. 

That took off like wildfire and then I suddenly became the moon man. It’s a responsibility I will not take lightly. My wife, who is crazy about the moon, will not allow me to. 

With that said, here’s the Lions 2023 schedule with the corresponding moon phase and a little bit of Lions history with that phase.    

Week 1 vs Rams: Waxing crescent

Very interesting. The same exact moon phase from the last time the Lions played the Rams. The Lions were 5-1 on waxing crescent days last year. 

Week 2 vs Buccaneers: Waxing Gibbous

The one that everyone is afraid of because that was the moon phase that really started all this moon stuff last year. The Lions were fine on waxing gibbous days that weren’t Thanksgiving. They were 3-1. Interestingly enough, the Lions game against the Bucs in the playoffs last year was a waxing gibbous game. 

Week 3 at Cardinals: Waning Gibbous

The Lions were 2-1 in waning gibbous games last year. The one loss was to the 49ers in the NFC Championship game.

Week 4 at Seahawks: Waning Crescent

Waning crescent was a big one for the Lions last year. They went 4-2. The big win was the one that sealed their first divsion title in 30 years. 

Week 6 at Cowboys: Waxing Gibbous 

Remember, waxing gibbous isn’t scary unless it’s Thanksgiving. 

Week 7 at Vikings: Waning Gibbous 

Week 8 vs Titans: Waning Crescent

Week 9 at Packers: Waxing Crescent

Week 10 at Texans: Waxing Gibbous 

Week 11 vs Jaguars: Waning Gibbous

Week 12 at Colts: Waning Crescent 

Week 13: vs Bears on Thanksgiving: Waning Crescent

I’m sure there was a collective sigh there. No waxing gibbous. This might make you feel warm and fuzzy, the Lions haven’t won on Thanksgiving since 2016. That game was also a waxing crescent game. 

Week 14 vs Packers: Waxing crescent 

Week 15 vs Bills: Full Moon

The Lions didn’t play on any full moon’s last year, but as we know, crazy things happen on full moons. Dan Campbell could potentially turn into a werewolf. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

Week 16 at Bears: Last Quarter Moon

The Lions didn’t play on a last quarter moon last season. They did play on a first quarter moon and that was the game against the Ravens. Whatever happens in this one, look for it to come down to the last quarter. I think that was dad joke, but I’m not entirely sure.

Week 17 at 49ers: New Moon

Luckily this game is at night so you don’t have to worry about Jared Goff’s face turning to glitter. Yes, that was a Twilight joke. I think that’s what happens in the movie, but I’ve only seen it once. 

Week 18 vs Vikings: Waxing Crescent 

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