4 Lions that could be cut or traded before training camp



The Lions have 12 receivers on the team right now and there’s a chance they could add more ahead of camp. Of all 12, it seems like Alexander is the guy you’ve heard the least from. Rookies Isaiah Williams and Jalon Calhoun have made some noise, rookie minicamp tryout Kaden Davis was one of the stars of OTAs and minicamp and Tre-Quan Smith is the vet that has plenty of experience. 

Alexander just feels like the odd man out. If the Lions do opt to bring in more receivers for camp, he could be one of the guys that gets cut to make the room. 

This is a trade, not a cut. The fact is that the Lions are stacked at linebacker right now and he’s the low man on the depth chart. He’s not going to get a ton of run outside of special teams and the Lions just signed another linebacker with special teams expertise in Ben Niemann

There has to be multiple teams out there that feel they could use Rodriguez in a much bigger role than what he’s playing in Detroit and they likely are willing to spend for it. 

This has probably a lower chance of happening since he does have some potential usage on offense as a fullback and is pretty good on special teams. Still, it’s one worth watching. 


The running back room is super crowded right now with Sione Vaki, Zonovan Knight and Craig Reynolds. That decison is going to be hard enough. Jefferson has stuck around with the team since the Lions drafted him in 2021, but he has yet to hit that next level that everyone hoped he would hit. 

Because of that and the crowded room, he could be cut to make room for other players ahead of camp. 

This is going to be dependent on some things happening. If the Lions do being in Jake Bates or Andre Szmyt from the UFL, the Lions may believe that they’ve seen enough from Badgley already to make a decison. Especially after rookie James Turner has had such an impressive spring. 

In all likelihood, the Lions may look to keep him around to have an all out kicker war at training camp, but I don’t know what more Badgley can show that hasn’t already been seen at this point.

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