The best section of Ford Field to buy Detroit Lions tickets for


The Detroit Lions season is quickly approaching. Before you know it, you’ll be in sitting down watching the Lions take on the Rams on Sunday Night football from Ford Field. 

Now is the time that people are going to be planning their trips to the stadium and sitting down and figuring out which games they want to go to and where to sit. It’s been a while since I’ve bought tickets for a game, but there was a time when my wife and I went all the time and we would always make sure we tried to sit in the same section. Today I’m recommending that section to you because it’s the best. It’s section 141. 

There’s multiple reasons why this section is good. The first one is that while it’s in the corner, you get a good view of the entire field. You especially get a good view of one of the end zones where the Lions will be driving to at some point during the game. 

The next big reason is that it’s always cheaper to sit in this area. I don’t know why nobody wants to sit in the corner seats, but they don’t. Look, Lions tickets are going to be pricey right now, but if you want to sit in the lower bowl, this is probably the cheapest spot to do it and have a good view.

For example, the cheapest ticket on Stub Hub for that section is $458. If you move a few sections over to say 102, it goes up to $587. You can save $100 for basically the same view. It does get cheaper if you go the other way and sit behind the end zone. There’s nothing wrong with those seats, but it is harder to see when the team is on the opposite side of the field. 

Another reason is that this is the section of the stadium where the Lions usually come out and take the field, so you sort of feel like you’re right there during the big pre-game entrance. It’s a great opportunity for pictures.

The final reason, and this is one where you just have score at the right time, there’s club seats that are in that section. The club seats are a lot more expensive, but I’m not suggesting you buy those, I’m suggesting you try to get the seats right in front of them. 

There’s a glass wall that separates the club seats from the standard seats. If you get seats in that row, the glass wall is right behind you instead of fans being right behind you. There’s opportunity to sit back a little bit more and you don’t have to worry about anyone being behind you potentially spilling beer all over you or something. The row for that is 41 I believe. 

If you’re looking to buy tickets this year, good luck to you. I hope you don’t have to spend too much. This section might be your best bet to have a good view of the game and not break the bank. 

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