Jared Goff is still not concerned about the Lions drafting a quarterback

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Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Jared Goff is still not concerned about the Lions drafting a quarterback.

If one thing is clear regarding the Detroit Lions, it’s that Jared Goff is not the long-term answer under center. The prospect of winning more games in 2022 seems sure to take them out of the mix for the top quarterback prospects in the 2023 draft. But when it comes to finding a quarterback of the future, the can should only be kicked so far.

Sometime in their first three picks in the draft starting next Thursday night, No. 2, 32 and 34, the Lions may take the plunge on a quarterback. It seems unlikely that signal caller would immediately unseat Goff, but there’s chance he’d lose the starting role in-season if he struggles.

Last year, the Lions had no good (or at least interesting) option to replace Goff when he struggled early. If a rookie were in place, there would at least be an intriguing option to take over in 2022 if he struggled again.

Jared Goff remains unconcerned about the Lions drafting a quarterback

Right after last season ended, not that he could say anything else, Goff said he was not concerned about the Lions drafting a quarterback.

“That’d be fine. It’s their decision, man,” “It’s up to them and whatever they want to do. Ultimately, I’m still under contract and I’m still gonna be here playing and I feel good about my standing with them and where I’m at.”

Some Lions players spoke to the media on Thursday, and Goff was among them. Naturally, the quarterback-draft topic came up.

“I trust those guys,” Goff said of the Lions’ front office. “They’ve expressed a lot of confidence in me and feel good about where I’m at and where I’m at with them and where we’re headed. I’m excited about it. But if anything were to happen there (with drafting a QB), no, no concern.”

Goff is never going to say he’s concerned about the Lions drafting a quarterback to replace him. He knows he’s the starter for now, and he’s also hardly guaranteed to be on the roster at this time next year. It’s best for him to embrace what’s in front of him, as he tries to build on a strong finish to 2021 in a likely audition for other teams this coming season.

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