Detroit News NFL picks, Week 4

Detroit News

Seahawks +6 at Lions

Rogers: Seahawks

Bianchi: Lions

Niyo: Seahawks

Wojo: Seahawks

Dolphins +3.5 at Bengals

Rogers: Dolphins

Bianchi: Bengals

Niyo: Bengals

Wojo: Bengals

Vikings -2.5 at Saints

Rogers: Saints

Bianchi: Saints

Niyo: Saints

Wojo: Saints

Browns -2.5 at Falcons

Rogers: Falcons

Bianchi: Browns (best bet)

Niyo: Falcons

Wojo: Browns

Bills -4 at Ravens

Rogers: Ravens

Bianchi: Bills

Niyo: Ravens

Wojo: Ravens

Commanders +3 at Cowboys

Rogers: Commanders

Bianchi: Commanders

Niyo: Cowboys

Wojo: Commanders

Chargers -5.5 at Texans

Rogers: Texans

Bianchi: Texans

Niyo: Texans

Wojo: Chargers

Titans +3 at Colts

Rogers: Titans

Bianchi: Titans

Niyo: Titans

Wojo: Colts

Bears +3 at Giants

Rogers: Bears

Bianchi: Giants

Niyo: Bears

Wojo: Giants

Jaguars +6.5 at Eagles

Rogers: Jaguars

Bianchi: Jaguars

Niyo: Eagles (best bet)

Wojo: Jaguars

Jets +3.5 at Steelers

Rogers: Jets

Bianchi: Jets

Niyo: Jets

Wojo: Jets

Cardinals +1.5 at Panthers

Rogers: Cardinals

Bianchi: Cardinals

Niyo: Cardinals

Wojo: Cardinals

Patriots +10.5 at Packers

Rogers: Patriots (best bet)

Bianchi: Packers

Niyo: Packers

Wojo: Packers

Broncos +2 at Raiders

Rogers: Broncos

Bianchi: Broncos

Niyo: Raiders

Wojo: Raiders

Chiefs -2.5 at Buccaneers

Rogers: Buccaneers

Bianchi: Chiefs

Niyo: Chiefs

Wojo: Chiefs (best bet)

Rams +2.5 at 49ers

Rogers: Rams

Bianchi: Rams

Niyo: Rams

Wojo: 49ers


Rogers: 9-6-1 last week, 26-21-1 overall, 3-0 best bets

Bianchi: 6-9-1 last week, 22-25-1 overall, 1-2 best bets

Niyo: 8-7-1 last week, 20-27-1 overall, 1-2 best bets

Wojnowski: 9-6-1 last week, 24-23-1 overall, 2-1 best bets

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