NFL picks, Week 17

Detroit News

Bears +5.5 at Lions

Rogers: Bears

Bianchi: Bears

Niyo: Lions

Wojo: Bears

Cowboys -10.5 at Titans

Rogers: Titans

Bianchi: Titans

Niyo: Cowboys

Wojo: Titans

Broncos +13.5 at Chiefs

Rogers: Broncos (best bet)

Bianchi: Chiefs

Niyo: Chiefs

Wojo: Broncos

Browns +1.5 at Commanders

Rogers: Browns

Bianchi: Browns

Niyo: Commanders

Wojo: Commanders

Saints +7 at Eagles

Rogers: Saints

Bianchi: Saints

Niyo: Eagles

Wojo: Eagles (best bet)

Cardinals+3.5 at Falcons

Rogers: Cardinals

Bianchi: Falcons

Niyo: Falcons

Wojo: Falcons

Jaguars -4.5 at Texans

Rogers: Texans

Bianchi: Texans

Niyo: Jaguars

Wojo: Texans

Dolphins +2.5 at Patriots

Rogers: Dolphins

Bianchi: Dolphins

Niyo: Patriots

Wojo: Patriots

Panthers +3 at Buccaneers

Rogers: Panthers

Bianchi: Panthers

Niyo: Buccaneers

Wojo: Buccaneers

Colts +5.5 at Giants

Rogers: Colts

Bianchi: Colts

Niyo: Giants

Wojo: Giants

Jets -2.5 at Seahawks

Rogers: Seahawks

Bianchi: Jets

Niyo: Seahawks

Wojo: Seahawks

49ers -6 at Raiders

Rogers: Raiders

Bianchi: 49ers (best bet)

Niyo: 49ers

Wojo: 49ers

Vikings +3 at Packers

Rogers: Vikings

Bianchi: Vikings

Niyo: Packers

Wojo: Packers

Rams +6.5 at Chargers

Rogers: Rams

Bianchi: Chargers

Niyo: Chargers

Wojo: Rams

Steelers +3 at Ravens

Rogers: Steelers

Bianchi: Steelers

Niyo: Ravens

Wojo: Ravens

Bills -1.5 at Bengals

Rogers: Bengals

Bianchi: Bengals

Niyo: Bills

Wojo: Bengals


Rogers: 8-7-1 last week, 132-100-7 overall, 10-6 best bets

Bianchi: 8-7-1 last week, 128-104-7, overall, 9-6-1 best bets

Niyo: 7-8-1 last week, 107-125-7 overall, 9-7 best bets

Wojnowski: 7-8-1 last week, 120-112-7 overall, 8-8 best bets

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